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The Heart of the Matter 

Heart of the Matter training is designed for young girls aged 11-18 and their Mothers and/or Mentors. The group will learn strategies for promoting healthy bonds, which will help guide our young ladies into developing self assurance. [learn more]


Southern Trinity Adult Education Survey

If you or someone you know would be interested in learning more about the Adult Education opportunities available at STJUSD please fill out the Adult Ed Survey by following the link

Principal's Note

It is hard to believe that we are beginning our final quarter of this school year!  We welcome the spring weather, our Easter break and we also stress just a bit over the approach of state testing.  As we begin the final laps to what we hope is a strong finish, I encourage families to be diligent in supporting your student’s learning.  Ask questions, check homework, call or visit teachers, and let your student know you expect them to do their best.  In a nutshell that is all we really seek for each student; that he or she does his/her best.  Their best is not always the top of the class, and that is not the goal.  The goal for each student is THEIR best.

I have had numerous students limit their learning before they even have tried, because “it’s hard”, or “it’s boring.”  This perception is a sad way to approach life.  I feel that most anything worth having, or knowing, takes time, effort and sometimes discomfort.  You know, the old adage, “No pain, no gain,” has much truth to it.

So, join us in assisting each student in working hard as we finish this school year.  We appreciate your efforts and support.  Happy Spring!  Peggy Canale


The After-School Academic Program is planning activities for the next two weeks. Your child must be signed up for at least three days a week and not a drop-in. Please mark the days they will be attending and circle either van home or be picked up. Our van goes down Van Duzen Rd, to Mad River Trailer Park, Dinsmore as well as Ruth and Hettenshaw Valley.  The form, signed, is mandatory to stay at the After-School Program.


Parent Survey

This Parent Survey is an opportunity for you to help STJUSD by sharing your opinions. Your thoughts are important and the district is interested in hearing them.




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